yamaha pianos - are they good for amateur pianists

In the market, we can find many yamaha u3 for sale. We can feel fascinated by the name but if you are an amateur, there are a few things to know. The P80 is one of the most popular Yamaha pianos, so we can base on it to talk about its pros and cons to amateur pianists.

First, it is lightweight, so it represents a big benefit for those amateur pianists who are still in college and moving out often is a reality. Also, despite being an electric piano, it delivers a great sound, almost identical to the note from acoustic pianos.

At Broughton Piano, the experts tell the customers that the Yamaha pianos, just like this one, have a great build quality and work flawlessly. The weighted keys are always tuned but they have two main problems.

The keys from the Yamaha pianos, mainly on the P80, could be noisy and can be really annoying if you aren’t using headphones. Also, the plastic keys become sticky. The material on these Yamaha pianos is also fragile and could be damaged after a few years.

But if we consider its price, it becomes the right alternative for amateur pianists, a good relation between cost and quality.